September 5, 2013

Coups for Troops! SO EXCITED

Did you know that US military families that are stationed overseas can use coupons at the commissaries for up to six months after their expiration date?
I didn't know that nor did I ever think about passing my expired coupons along until I came upon that fact on a couponing website.  I always just tossed them in the recycling can at work.
  So the site I came across gave a general address to send bulk coupons to that in turn sends the coupons along.  After sending a couple packs of coupons collected between myself and other couponing coworkers I received a letter from Coups for Troops which is where I was sending the packages.  They offered to set us up directly with an overseas military family.  YAY!!!!  Through email contact I am now so excited to say that I am connected with a military family and get to start TODAY sending our expired/ unused coupons direct to her.  
So if you coupon and want something to do with your expired and/ or unused coupons please go to the Coups for Troops website and learn more.    
All it costs you is a little postage. You're helping a fellow American
to make grocery costs a little more manageable and you can smile all the way to the post office knowing that you are doing some good. 

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