July 18, 2012

Pharamacy Prices

Have you ever called and checked for different prices at different pharmacies?
I never have but now I think I should have because I was mighty surprised.  
I ALWAYS just went to whatever pharmacy was closest or most convenient or where I might be picking up something else.  Well - I need 2 prescriptions filled so I decided to make some calls.  
Here is what I found:

Rite Aid - 
Prescription #1    $21.99
Prescription #2    $188.99
Kroger - 
Prescription #1     $7.29
Prescription #2     $198.29
Walgreens - 
Prescription #1     $15.19
Prescription #2     $175.99
Publix - 
Prescription #1     $5.95
Prescription #2     $149.95
Walmart - 
Prescription #1     $5.72
Prescription #2     $152.40
I was quite surprised - I say that because I normally have prescriptions filled at Kroger or Walgreens....now I will be leaning toward Publix or Walmart and when it is a prescription that I am not on my death bed for I will probably call and check the pricing.  
I also found out that:
 Publix provides some different antibiotics for FREE.  Yes - I said free so if you are getting an antibiotic you might want to check their list.  
Walmart has lots of different prescriptions for $4.00. And they have a prescription finder online where you can look up some meds and their costs. 
Kroger also has some $4.00 prescriptions and a look up for those.....but you can also get your pet meds from Kroger Pharmacy as well. 

I guess that this whole blog comes down to - Take your prescriptions into your own hands....If you are paying out of pocket and aren't knocking on death's door - take a minute and call the pharmacies to see exactly how much you will be paying.  

Happy Wednesday. 



  1. Good to know! I recently talked to my dr about changing mine because it was so expensive and he wrote me a new med and said take it to publix...it's 8$ I had been paing $75 for a 3 month supply! I'll take 8$ any day! When you call, do you have to give them insurance info to get the price???

    1. Hey Annie - They actually won't let you give them your insurance for you to look up with but it gives you their base cash price. With our insurance - because we get a discount but not a copay - that prescription #1 ended up being $3.00 at Walmart. I have a sample of the prescription #2 so I haven't filled it yet. They just have it on hold for me at Walmart so if I decide to fill it I can. Just call the pharamcy and tell them that you would like to get a price check on the prescription that you need filled. Tell them what it is - you will need to know # of pills and dosage which should be on your prescription - and they will give you their cash price. I am still amazed by the difference.