July 4, 2012

June is Dairy Month

Every year Dorris Milling Company in Springfield, Tn puts on a June is Dairy Month celebration.  We take a cow and calf for the weight guessing contest and ice cream for the ice cream making contest.  There is also an ice cream eating contest and adult & kid milk mustache contests.  It is a good way to promote milk and milk products to the community and we thank Houston for his continued support in doing this.

Elizabeth got second in the ice cream eating contest.
Rachel won the kids milk mustache competition.
Mom, Rachel, Elizabeth, and I got matching (temporary) Got Milk? tattoos.

Tracey and Brad had been talking crap back and forth with Russel and I about who would win the ice cream making contest.  Well Brad had to eat his words because our Girl Scout Thin Mint ice cream (that we made with girl scout cookies bought from Rachel) won the contest.  All the ice cream was good.  Here's the results:
1st - Girl Scout Thin Mint - Stacey
2nd - Vanilla - Nanny
3rd - Hot Chocolate Heath Bar - Tracey
4th - Peach - Mom
So as you can see our family swept the board....but we were also the only ones that brought ice cream...except the strawberry that was made by Art who works at Dorris Milling and didn't enter in the contest.  But as I said - with a full tummy of ice cream - ALL the ice cream was great.  I wouldn't turn down a bowl of any of them / any day/ anytime.

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