June 19, 2012

Just to vent...

Did you know that a backhanded compliment isn't really a compliment at all?
I would hope that unless one is a small child that they would understand that.  

It along, with many numerous things that annoy me, just makes my blood boil.  
The good Book says turn the other cheek and I always try to but some days I just want to ask - are you really that ignorant?  Did your mother teach you to not say anything at all if you couldn't say something nice.  Then I remember that my momma did teach me that so I just shake my head and walk away.  

Examples that I have heard in the last month or so - not necessarily to me.

You're doing a great job but if you had picked a better venue more people would have showed up. 
I love your hair cut.  But isn't that color a little young for you?
You're in great health but someone your age should be taking vitamins. 
It looks great - I can't believe that YOU did that well.  

If more people would think before they spoke life would be so much kinder. 

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