December 8, 2011

Holiday Spirit

I am in the holiday spirit.  Christmas play practice at church.  Toys for Tots shopping.  Christmas music.  Decorations.  Making gifts.  Wrapping presents.  I am doing it all.  Today my friend Janet sent me a link to a You Tube video.  And even though I am in the holdiay spirit it just made me even more so.  This guy "dances with an ipod in public" to Christmas Music. I am linking you to his whole You Tube page because he has several videos that just made me smile.  This guy is obviously a budding artist but I love the freedom that he shows.  Most "kids" his age are being akward and trying not to stand out but he is doing the opposite and seems happy doing it.  So here's a little holiday cheer from me to you:

Have a Happy Day!

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